16 Things You Need If You’re Obsessed With Rainbows Like Us

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Rainbows are trending in a big way, and we are here for it. While we usually prefer more pastel hues, we can’t pass up these amazing fashion and home finds. Brighten up your space or just add a delicate cheerful touch to your wardrobe. Either way, you’ll never feel down when you’re surrounded by rainbows!

Keep scrolling for our fav rainbow must-haves 🌈

ELOEIL Ceramic Rainbows: Taylor + Sam both have a collection of these handmade cuties in their homes. If you want to snag one for yourself, be sure to follow her on social media because they sell out within minutes!

Rainbow Pillow: Technically for kids, but we won’t tell anyone.

Deco Serving Platter: We’ve been coveting this 31 Bits platter for awhile now.

Rainbow Wall Hanging: Because not all rainbows have to be colorful to be adorable!

Rainbow Striped Comforter: We’d happily cozy up in this cheery set.

Pink Rainbow Dish: We love The Object Enthusiast, and this hand-painted dish is a must.

Rainbow Overalls: For when you really, really want everyone to know you love rainbows.

Rainbow Desk Notepad: You’ll be all smiles with this on your desk.

Follow Your Rainbow Necklace: One of our favorite jewelry designers, Hortense, has officially created our dream necklace. And psst…it has matching earrings!

Rainbow Doormat: This adorable mat will make you feel even happier to get home after a long day.

Mod Rainbow Enamel Keychain: A little bit of sunshine at the tips of your fingers!

The Pixie Arc Shelf: Handmade by RAEL MADE and the cutest home décor addition around. See it in Sam’s home here.

Being Mean Is Boring Rainbow Pin: That’s a sentiment we can get behind!

You Are Magical Tee: Because you are and you deserve it!

Rainbow Mug: Start your mornings off right with the cutest mug to ever hold your coffee.

Rainbow Print by Kelli Murray: Illustrated by one of our favs, it’s minimal and whimsical at the same time. See it in Sam’s home.

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