Music in Fashion

Music in Fashion

Everybody enjoys one type of music or another and we all wear clothes, but do the two correlate at all? As a long time hip-hop lover and as someone who considers themselves as rather fashionable, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of fashion in the genre. Whether it be artists name dropping their favorite designers in songs, choice of attire in music videos or even collaborating with brands in the world of high fashion on collections, the impact of fashion on music is undeniable. But what about in the other direction, how does the music we listen to and enjoy, impact the way we dress? 
Personally, I believe it does on a variance of levels. Whether it be high fashion designers being influenced by the musicians they enjoy or admire. Or the average person deciding to buy a specific clothing item after seeing their favorite artists wear something of the sort whether it be a live concert, music video wore it, there is a complex culture of influence between fashion and music that has an effect on people whether professionals or everyday people making choices for themselves, based on what they enjoy and inspires them. 
I took a survey of students from Western Washington University, asking them to reflect on the different styles/genres of music they enjoy and how they may or may not affect what they decide to wear, buy, etc. I found out that the impact of the music someone listens to can even be subconscious. After a series of quick interviews, I held on May 7th near Red Square at Western Washington University, asking students to about their musical preferences and reflect on their own individual style, it was fascinating seeing the students consider their own style from a perspective they may not have considered before. Eleanor a Junior Business major said, “I’ve been listening to a lot of Brockhampton as of late and also wearing a lot of yellow and orange.” A popular record by the band Brockhampton Alaska refers to the color yellow repeat throughout the song, “I’m a long way from home, this ain’t yellow stone.. I don’t want that girl just want, catfish and a yellow bone” (Brockhampton). Eleanor then continued to state,” I didn’t even realize how much the lyrics I’m constantly listening to effect what I decide to wear. 
While others draw inspiration for their style from their favorite musicians as style icons. Myles a Freshmen at WWU said,” Some of the things I decide to buy can be just from going on Instagram and seeing what my favorite rappers are wearing like Lil Uzi Vert or Asap Rocky.” With the emergence of social media in this new age of technology, the ability of a musician to become an almost style tastemaker. Hip Hop recording artist and style icon Asap Rocky in an interview with Katie Berrington of British Vogue said,” We live in a new age of style, where you can just post a picture and tell everyone what’s cool.” An important point toward the impact of technology giving everyday people the ability to view the style and lifestyle of their favorite artists. It’s easier than ever for people to see, hear and be inspired by the style of their favorite musicians. 
Some of the students I surveyed said their style choices had nothing to do with their choice of clothing, but they did say the music they listened to did have an effect on their mood for the day, ultimately affecting what they decided to wear. Bringing me to the conclusion that the music we enjoy can have a greater impact on our everyday choices, not just including style and this impact is bigger than most of us are even conscious of. It was surprising to see them think about their style choices in a way they maybe hadn’t considered before and only further proves my theory that impact of music doesn’t solely lye in the world of high fashion but can be observed through every day or in this case college students. I challenge you to consider your own personal preference of music, how it affects your everyday mood, lifestyle and ultimately what you decide to wear.

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