We’re In Love With This Dreamy Seaside Home In Portugal

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If you’ve ever thought about turning your art and creative spirit into a successful career, then you’ll love to learn about Ana Morais’s journey. Of course, her home is chic and decked out in much of her own handmade contemporary art. Her shop CASULO has caused quite a stir in the design world allowing clients to buy her incredible art, or purchase DIY kits to take a shot at it themselves. Much of Ana’s home is decked out in her own designs, and we’re sure you’ll love how calming and light her home is!

Tell us about your home and why you love where you live.

I live in a sea village, close to Oporto, Portugal. Our duplex apartment is on the seaside and we can walk to wherever we want. It’s calm and perfect to raise children. We have a big terrace so we can enjoy summer in every minute.

You are an incredible fiber artist with such a beautiful portfolio. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

It all starts with tiny ideas pumping in my head, where I keep them for a long time without thinking too much about them. Then I start sketching and thinking in a million ways to make that piece beautiful, original and different from every other piece. And then, when I’m making it, I always find something new that I haven’t thought about yet, and I add it to the piece…usually a small detail that makes all the difference.

Are there any other designers or artists that you are admiring?

I love Emily Katz, Maryanne Moodie, Sally England and Windy Chien, but I also admire artists from so many different areas that inspire me so much. I think we must not focus only on fiber art but in so many other areas like design, ceramics, photography, fashion and architecture.

You have such a cool working setup in your home. Is that where you feel the most inspired?

I get inspired outside, but the place where I can be free to create is at home. I built an interior studio with a glass ceiling so I can enjoy sunlight all day long and listen to the sea, and watch the birds and clouds while I’m creating. Also, as a mom, it really is helpful to work from home because I can catch up with domestic tasks during the day.

Speaking of your home, we love how bright and welcoming it is. Did you have a particular vibe you were going for when designing your space?

I love neutrals. They get along with anything, which gives me the freedom to change some specific décor items once in a while without losing my home vibe. I think my style is kind of a mix of boho + minimal and Scandinavian.

Tell us about your living room. Where do you like to shop for cozy, yet modern furnishings?

I love AMPM France, IKEA, AREA, Zara Home and La Redoute.

Your daughter’s room is so sweet. Aside from your own, have you found any shops you love for children’s décor?

We don’t have expensive furniture in Ema’s room because she is growing up, and we know we will be always changing her nest. So, almost everything is from IKEA—it has beautiful and affordable furniture for kids.

Which room in your house was your favorite to decorate?

The living room, because it is so spacious and has lots of light.

Do you have any advice for moms looking to incorporate child’s décor, but keep it feeling clean?

My secret is beautiful giant baskets with a lid. This way, we can hide almost everything in there and always keep the place tidy. Also, for child’s décor, the golden rule is ‘less is more.’ We only keep the toys we know she really wants to play with.

What’s the first thing you do after a long workday?

I’ll pick Ema from school and if it’s winter I make tea for the two of us, while we do some fun activities like coloring a book or playing with her toys. Sometimes she helps me cook dinner. If it’s summer, we always go to the beach for that evening dive or ride a bike.

Any beauty products you’re loving right now?

I’m loving The Body Shop French Grape Seed Scrub and the Apivita Holistic Age Defense Facial Cream.


Photography by Dulce Daniel


Living room:

Rug (similar)
Coffee Table (similar)
Pompom Blanket
Plant Hangers
Plant Stand
“War is Over” Print
Media Console (similar)

Dining Room:

Dinner Table (similar)
Chairs (similar)
Giant Wall Hanging
Flower Vase (similar)
Lamp (similar)


Teepee (similar)
Wood Dollhouse (similar)
Mushroom Lamp (similar)
Pom Basket (similar)
Ladder (similar)
White Dresser (similar)
Bamboo Shelf (similar)

Master Bedroom:

Stand Mirror (similar)
Little Mirror on the Wall (similar)
Bed Linen (similar)


Hair Pin Leg Table (similar)
Wooden Garment Rack (similar)
Plant Basket (similar)

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