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Corre & Her Home

Corre Marie Larkin of Corre Marie believes every house should be one-of-a-kind. That’s why the interior designer helps to design and create spaces that incorporate unique pieces like antique rugs and family heirlooms. Her love of one-of-a-kind pieces can be seen throughout the house she lives in with her husband, Matt, and their two children. In fact, her love for this style of design stemmed from when Corre and Matt purchased their own 1940’s beach house. They refurbished it and filled it with antiques and vintage items—each with their own story. We love all the rooms in her house, especially her master bedroom. While some people choose to put their best items in a living room or a place where more people will see them, Corre decided to put these items in her bedroom, her haven after a long day. The result is one of the prettiest bedrooms we’ve every seen (we’re actually pretty sure we’d have a difficult time getting out of bed and leaving that gorgeous room each day!). Check out that room and the other beautiful spaces in her home and get ready to want to move in. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Rug // Sofa // Deer Hides for Accent Chairs

Your home is so unique and beautiful! Can you tell us about the overall design inspiration?

Thank you! My motto is that no two homes should look the same. My philosophy is that every home should be one-of-a-kind. So with that in mind, I design and create spaces that incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces, whether they are antique rugs, heirloom pieces of furniture passed on through generations or unique pieces from one’s travels. My inspiration for our house was to create a home that told the story of our lives so far, as well as creating a space for our future. A number of our pieces were collected over the years from our travels, as well as our time living abroad in London. I mixed these pieces in with contemporary pieces in order to create a living space that felt instantly familiar yet at the same time took into account our growing family.  

Coffee Table // Light Fixture // Pillows

We’re obsessed with the mud cloth dining room chairs. Where did you snag those?

I am a huge fan of reupholstering furniture. It allows me to customize and create those one-of-a-kind pieces without completely breaking the bank. For my dining chairs, I had already custom designed our dining table, which is a stunning oversized white quartz top with an off-the-shelf base, and I wanted to incorporate chairs that made the space less formal as it is our only dining table. I had bought a bunch of mud cloth at my local flea market, the Long Beach Flea Market, and my lovely Mali Mudcloth vendor there also sells online. I bought the chairs on All Modern and then took them to someone for reupholstering and had him redo the top part in mud cloth and the bottom in a white that matched the off white from the mud cloth. They turned out spectacular and are super child-friendly to boot!

Dining Table // Dining Chairs // Dining Chair Fabric // Shade of Blue Cabinets // Bar Stools // Bone Inlay Tray // Butcher Block (similar)

Your home is full of a lot of really fun textiles in general. Where are your favorite places online and locally to shop for unique pillows and rugs?

I am a total textile lover and hoarder. Most of my antique and vintage rugs come from my shop, Corre Marie, and to be honest it’s a daily struggle not to keep each and every single one of them!

EBay is a great source and the antique suzanis I recovered our two wingback chairs in, I got from eBay. I get my mud cloth in all different colors from Mali Mud Cloth and she also does great pillows. I also have pillows from One Fine Nest and Home Girl Collection, both small business Etsy dealers who make fabulous products. Connected Goods do wonderful storage baskets, as well as quilts and pillows. My largest collection of textiles and quilts come from Lisa Corti. I discovered this brand while on a trip to Capri, Italy and she makes the most gorgeous quilts, tablecloths, napkins and dresses. I get them directly from her shop in Florence as she only sells a small selection of her products through one shop in the U.S.! She also does fabric by the yard and I am in the process of recovering an oversized sitting chair in one of her floral fabrics.

Bar Cart

Your bedroom feels like an oasis. What was the process for designing that space?

Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house. I was very deliberate about creating that particular space, as the rest of our home is often chaotic with two young children. I started with the rug. I have a gorgeous antique Turkish rug in there that I had fallen in love with and bought before I had any clue where I was going to put it. So the vibe coming from that rug, helped me pull in the rest of the pieces. I had my eye on that rattan Anthropologie bed for a while and knew it would work perfectly with the rug. I had also been following Ro Sham Beaux on Instagram and had been crushing on one of its beaded Malibu chandeliers. The vintage Widdicomb dresser was my grandmother’s and I added in the Prada Marfa art piece in order to give the room a slightly edgy look and keep it from going too bohemian. The brass gilded antique lamp I found at an estate sale rounds out the space. The built-in bookshelves were initially white and after about a year, I knew I was ready for some color in there. I painted them Inchrya Blue from Farrow & Ball in high gloss and have never looked back. Our view from my bed is into our backyard and pool and every day I wake up to a beautiful view of lemon trees and blue water and every night I go to bed in my little piece of heaven. Some people put their best pieces in their living rooms as they think no one sees their bedroom, but I am the opposite. My bedroom is my haven so it gets the star treatment.

Rugs // Bed // Vintage Dresser (similar) // Artwork // Chandelier // Built-In Shelves Paint // Leather Chesterfield // Artwork 

What is your secret to keeping those big, beautiful fiddle leafs alive? They are so finicky!

I must admit, it’s not me! It’s the Southern California sunshine! I have three fiddle leaf figs in my home and the two that face the front of the house and get all the morning light, are absolutely thriving. My third, which is in our bedroom and faces east, is doing just OK. I water them all once a week and treat them all the same. That’s how I know it’s the light. So my advice would be to put yours in front of a large window that gets a lot of natural light and then just leave it be. Also, I get mine from Home Depot!

You have some really funky and fun art pieces in your home. Where is your favorite place to shop for prints and wall décor?

I have two really cool pieces from a local interior design shop called Barclay Butera. My lacquered Prada Marfa in our bedroom and the Coco Chanel piece in Coco’s room both come from there. The graffiti painting in our living room comes from Portobello Market in Notting Hill and I just picked it up from one of the street vendors for a steal. Most of the art from my gallery wall in our hallway comes from estate sales or are pieces of art given to me over the years. My favorite place to shop for art is EBTH and estate sales. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your art will be either one-of-a-kind or one-of-a-few. Another thing I am big into is custom framing. My office contains a gallery wall of 15 of my Dad’s records from the ’60s and ’70s that I had framed. Again, by framing pieces you already own, you can create art that will be completely unique.

Vintage Dresser (similar)

The wallpaper in your bathroom is so fun! Any tips for wallpaper beginners?

I remember seeing this wallpaper on Instagram and that was it, I had to have it. Wallpaper can be expensive, so starting out in a small space like a guest bathroom or powder room allows you to experiment with wallpaper without breaking the bank. Also, get samples. Yes it takes longer and you have to order them and possibly even pay for them and wait for them to come. But TRUST ME, it’s worth it. Also, splurge for the large sample if available. It’s much easier to envision the space with a 12’’ x 12’’ sample than it is with a 5’’ x 5.’’

Master Bathroom Mirrors (similar)

Tell us about your daughter’s room! Any tips for new moms on creating a beautiful space for the kiddos?

I swore I would never ever do a pink room if I had a girl and here we are three years later with a pink room. Coco’s room was pulled together using pieces that I already owned, another thing that I do a lot in designing. Repurposing pieces that you already own is like going shopping in your own living room. The pink mother-of-pearl chest and mirror set the stage and I designed everything around that vibe. The wing back chairs I had recovered, were originally my mom’s and the antique butcher’s rack that I use as her bookshelves was also passed down (aka I begged for) from my parents. The blue-and-white antique ceramic plant holder was my grandmother’s and the carved wood bookshelf I brought back from India. The oil painting of Paris was my first piece of art I bought ever, from an art student in Santa Monica. The only pieces I purchased were that amazing vintage rattan daybed from Elsie Green and the antique rug from Corre Marie. If I could pass on any advice on designing kid’s rooms, it’s to try and use pieces that you already own. Not only do these pieces have more meaning, but if they have already lasted 50 years, then there is a good chance they will be able to last through the toddler years.

Vintage Rattan Day Bed // Rug

You have some really incredible pieces of furniture, like the pink dresser with the matching mirror. What’s the story there?

The pink mother-of-pearl dresser and matching mirror was one of two pieces I picked up after traveling to India. I was living in London at the time and wanted to purchase one of these amazing dressers I had seen over there but didn’t want to spend a small fortune. I searched high and low for an affordable option and finally found one. I ended up getting the matching pink dresser and mirror and then a gray dresser, which is now used as my son’s changing table. They are timeless pieces. They ship from Pakistan so it took a little leap of faith for my first order and some customs paperwork, but they are completely worth it. For me the hunt is as rewarding as the find.

Pink Mother-of-Pearl Chest of Drawers and Mirror

Which room in your house was hardest to design and why?

My son Bear’s room. It started out as our guest room and when I became pregnant again, I turned it into a nursery. However, I knew that one day I would turn it back into a guest room so I didn’t want to go too overboard in creating a baby boy’s room. Also, it seemed like all the boy’s baby décor were things like airplanes or soccer balls or dinosaurs and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to design the room using masculine colors (blues, blacks, browns) and lots of textured pieces that I could leave in there once it was a guest room again. I added in some antique and estate sale finds, as well as my dad’s collection of his baby books from 1943 to give it some personality and uniqueness.

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Living room
Coffee Table
Light Fixture
Target Marble Side Table (similar)
Mantle Color
Map of London
Deer Hides for Accent Chairs

Dining Room/Kitchen/Bar
Dining Table
Dining Chairs / Dining Chair fabric
Bar Cart
Shade of Blue Cabinets
Bar Stools
Bone Inlay Tray
Mirror Above Butcher Block
Butcher Block (similar)

Bear’s Nursery
Juju Hat
Acrylic Book Shelves
Rocking Chair / Fabric for Rocking Chair
Gray Mother-of-Pearl Chest of Drawers
Bathroom Wallpaper
Carved Wood Side Table
Hanging Antlers

Coco’s Room
Pink Mother-of-Pearl Chest of Drawers and Mirror
Vintage Rattan Daybed

Master Bedroom
Vintage Dresser (similar)
Built-In Shelves Paint
Master Bathroom Mirrors (similar)
White Pom Pom Pillows
Leather Chesterfield













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