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Photo: El Negocio (Credit: HBO Latino) Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.

HBO Latino is kicking off the year with exciting new premieres! February brings back your favorite Mexican Comedian and internet sensation, Chumel Torres, as he returns for his third season of Chumel Con Chumel Torres, bringing you more political humor and satire during his weekly show.

Other February highlights include the 2017 box office hit, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, and Oscar® and Golden Globe® winning West Side Story, a classic love story inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Mama Se Fue De Viaje (Ten Days Without Mom) also makes its HBO debut, starring Carla Peterson as an overworked housewife who takes a vacation away from her family, leaving her clueless husband to struggle at home with their four kids.

During the fourth and final season of El Negocio, Karin, Luna, Magali, and Mia return on March 18th as high-end escorts who are the best in the business. Karin decides to share her story to put a stop to prejudices against escorts., but to do so, she will have to confront the opposition — the most conservative sectors associated with women’s rights. Check out the upcoming season here.

Photo: Chumel con Chumel Torress (Credit: HBO). Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.

Riding on the success of Entre Nos: Part 1 and Part 2, comedy fans can also look forward to the premiere of Entre Nos: Part 3, on March 30th, a stand-up special hosted by Tonio Skits featuring comedians, Aida Rodriguez, Orlando Leyba, and Eric Blake.

Photos: Wonder Woman (Credit: Warner Bros. Inc); West Side Story (Credit: MGM Television Distribution). Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.

HBO Latino is a dedicated Spanish-language premium channel that delivers compelling and culturally-relevant programming to the U.S. Latino audience. From award-winning Original Series from HBO and HBO Latin America, to the biggest Hollywood hits and critically acclaimed Spanish-language films, to Latin music concerts and artist specials, HBO Boxing, original comedy shows, and more. It’s the best of both worlds in your Spanish.

Please find a list of notable films and series that are new to HBO Latino below. ll programming can also be streamed across all of the channel’s platforms including HBO NOW®, HBO GO®, HBO On Demand® and affiliate portals.

Original Programming:
Chumel con Chumel Torres (Season 3–02/19)
​Mexican comedian and internet sensation Chumel Torres brings his unique style of political humor to HBO screens for the first time in this uninhibited weekly talk show.

El Negocio (Season 4–03/19)
​El Negocio follows three attractive, intelligent women who aim to revolutionize the world’s oldest profession.

Entre Nos: Part 3 (03/30)
Top Latino comedians share hilarious stories in this half-hour stand-up comedy show.

El Techo/On The Roof (Available Now)

La Punta Del Iceberg/The Tip of the Iceberg (Available Now)
Spain, Thriller

Samba (02/02)
Dominican Republic, Sports/Drama

Mama Se Fue De Viaje/Ten Days Without Mom (02/09)
Argentina, Comedy/Family

Soy Nero/I Am Nero (03/02)
Mexico, Drama

La Región Salvaje/The Untamed (03/09)
Mexico, Horror/Sci-Fi

Photos: La Punta Del Iceburg/The Tip of the Iceberg (Credit: HBO); La Cara Oculta (Credit: Twentieth Century Fox). Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.
Photos: Samba; Mama Se Fue De Viaje; Alex, Listen to Your Heart (Credit for all: Krugman Associates). Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.

Short Films:
Alex, Listen to Your Heart (Available Now)
USA, Romance/Comedy

Desayuno con Tiffany/Breakfast with Tiffany (02/01)
Colombia, Comedy

La Casa de Beatriz (03/01)
Mexico, Drama

Hollywood Theatricals:
All Eyez On Me (Available Now)
The Fate of the Furious (Available Now)
La Cara Oculta/Hidden Face (Available Now)
Promocion Fantasma/Ghost Graduation (Available Now)
Wonder Woman (02/10)
West Side Story (02/23)
Atomic Blonde (03/24)
Girls Trip (03/31)

*Spanish language films from the U.S., Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean.

Photo: The Fate of the Furious (Credit: Universal Studios) Please note this is a promotional photo for press only.

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