Clemens Neufeld — Clemens [Music]

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Clemens Neufeld — Clemens [Music]

After this, he muttered ruefully, we’ll probably have to change the name of the site to ‘The Clemens Neufeld Appreciation Society’

Following hot on the heels of his storming acid drenched EP ‘Strictly 303’ (reviewed here )

Shut up.

Listen to this.

Sit down.

Listen to this.

Stand up.


No wait — you’re not concentrating.

Sit down again. Drink this. Shut up.

It’s like Nu-Disco except it’s not. It’s got the old Disco flavour. More importantly it’s got the Funk and it echoes and rumbles of acid

It’s Clemens Neufelds new album and it’s about goddamn time.

Subsonic Disco
 Is the smooth opening track.

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