You’re Going To Be Over The Moon For This Darling Girl’s Nursery

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You're Going To Be Over The Moon For This Darling Girl's Nursery

Caitlin & Her Nursery

Caitlin Lindquist and her husband, Ben, dreamed of having a baby for years, and their wish finally came true when they recently welcomed daughter, Luna. As any parent knows, designing and decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting aspects of being pregnant because it’s a chance to create a haven for the baby and also signals the impending arrival of the baby, and Caitlin took this task very seriously. For a baby named Luna, it’s no surprise that Caitlin and Ben decided to create a gender-neutral moon-themed nursery to honor their baby’s name, as well as serve as a reminder to her daughter that she is loved ‘to the moon and back.’ The sweet room is full of beautiful pieces and accents (the mural wall is out of this world), and is bursting with love. Find out more about baby Luna’s nursery and Caitlin’s role as Mom in the nursery tour below. Plus, she offers some valuable advice and positive thoughts for others dealing with infertility. Her best advice? Keep fighting!

darling nursery

‘Luna’ Mural Wallpaper – Anewall Décor // ‘To the Moon and Back’ Sign – Sugarboo & Co. // Rug – Anthropologie // Crib – RH Baby & Child // Dotted Crib Sheet – Pehr Designs // Stripe Crib Skirt – Pottery Barn Kids // Lamb Quilt – Pehr Designs // Crib Pillow – Pehr Designs

Congrats on baby Luna—she is beautiful! How are you enjoying motherhood so far?

Thank you so much. Honestly, motherhood is truly incredible. When we first brought Luna home from the hospital, I was walking around the house with her showing her everything by going from room to room, and we happened to pass by a mirror. In that instant, I saw myself for the first time as a mom and I just broke down crying. We had dreamed of becoming parents for so long that it almost still doesn’t even feel real. I sometimes say it to myself like a mantra: I AM A MOM! And I honestly feel a bit transformed. Like I am no longer me. I am Mom. A better, more confident version of myself.

And while it has definitely been an adjustment and there’s a bit of a learning curve when you first become a mom (figuring out how to breastfeed, when to nap your baby, feeding every three hours, etc.), it’s been a really fun challenge and I’ve honestly loved watching the changes both my husband and I have gone through together as parents. Suddenly you see the big picture, the world becomes more wondrous and you become more patient. And above all, you realize the most important thing is sitting right in front of you. It isn’t tackling your inbox or list of to-dos, but seeing that little bubbly face light up when we look at her.

darling nursery

You’ve been very open about your struggles with infertility, and it has no doubt been such a help and comfort to other women going through the same thing. What made you decide to open up about your journey?

It was honestly a very scary decision for me when I decided to open up about our infertility. Most people don’t advertise that they’re trying to conceive and it was at a time when not a lot of people were talking about it openly. I felt so depressed, alone and picked on as I watched friend after friend get pregnant so quickly after ‘pulling the goalie.’ Meanwhile, for us, the weeks were turning into months and the months were turning into years. Family members, friends and followers were constantly asking, ‘when are you going to have kids?’ and it got harder and harder to answer those questions without tearing up.

Eventually it hit me: what am I so ashamed of? I didn’t choose this. It doesn’t make me any less of a woman. The stigma surrounding infertility was making an already-difficult diagnosis feel even more painful. So I decided to open up. At first, we shared it with our parents. Then, when extended family members would ask at those holiday get-togethers I started to dread, I decided to just throw it out there: ‘We’re working on it and seeing a fertility specialist.’ And I realized, talking about it wasn’t so scary. In fact, it was liberating. Friends and family who had no idea could suddenly start being supportive, even sharing their own stories that I had no idea about. And unexpectedly, I started to feel less and less alone.

So I chose to share with my readers because maybe they too needed a little comfort. If I could help free even one person from the lonely shame that I had felt, then it would be worth it to expose myself and my insecurities.

Glider Chair – RH Baby & Child // Ottoman – RH Baby & Child // Gray and White Pillow – Serena & Lily // Birch Side Table – RH Baby & Child // Floor Lamp – Serena & Lily

What was your reaction after finding out you were expecting a healthy baby girl?

I honestly didn’t believe that it was truly happening. But sure enough, my beta numbers kept climbing and that strong and fast little heartbeat was still there week after week at my ultrasounds. There was a lot of sobbing tears happening in the Lindquist household at that time…both happy and terrified tears.

I had two previous miscarriages prior to Luna, so it took me a while to come to the realization that this was it. She was it. I waited to announce our pregnancy until I was halfway through my second trimester, and even then, I had nightly nightmares that something would go wrong. It wasn’t until she was here and in my arms that I felt the overwhelming rush of tear-welling emotion that I AM A MOM.

Birch Side Table – RH Baby & Child // Jimi Hendrix Books – Sugarboo & Co.

Gray and White Pillow – Serena & Lily

How was your pregnancy?

I really feel lucky that I can say I had a pretty wonderful pregnancy. With my two previous pregnancies, I was sick as a dog and had to make my husband eat anything strong-smelling in the other room (sorry babe!). But with Luna, the worst of it was that I felt utterly famished every day around 11 a.m. (even when I’d had breakfast at 10 a.m.), and if I didn’t eat, there would be hell to pay. I called them my ‘elevensies.’ But I’ll take a little nausea (and lots of pizza and pounds on the scale) any day if it means getting my daughter.

Tell us about the name Luna—it’s so pretty! Does it have any special meaning to you and your husband?

Thank you so much. When we got pregnant the first time in 2015 with identical twins, we kept saying over and over how they were our entire world. Our sun, our moon and all our stars. Our everything. So when we lost them, we were utterly broken. And then, six months later, we lost our second set of twins. It felt like the sky had come crashing down on us.

A few weeks later, I got my moon tattoo to commemorate their memory and all that they meant to us. To remind myself that because our hearts were with those who were in heaven, there was a little bit of heaven in our hearts. So we chose to name our daughter Luna and it just felt so right. She is our universe and everything within it.

But we couldn’t decide on a middle name. We were originally thinking Winter, since we both come from Utah and miss our snow-capped mountains. But one day, Ben, my husband, came home with the name Elara. It was beautiful and they flowed so nicely together. And when we Googled it, we discovered that Elara is the 13th moon of Jupiter. It felt serendipitous.

How did her name inspire the design of her nursery?

Luna’s nursery is both moon-themed in honor of her name as well as in honor of all that she means to us. We love her to the moon and back and wanted that to feel reflected in the space she wakes up in every morning. I want her to feel how loved she is even in her dreams.

Tell us about designing her nursery! Was it easy or difficult?

Originally, I had envisioned her nursery in our home that we ended up selling unexpectedly three weeks before her due date (yikes!). I had almost everything already planned and laid out when my husband called me one afternoon to share the news that we’d be moving. It was honestly very difficult for me because I had been in full-blown nesting mode, and we didn’t have a clue as to where we’d even be moving. To have to somewhat scrap that space and start over in a new one was really hard. I always knew I wanted more of a gender-neutral space that themed off of her beautiful name, so I just had to do a little more digging to find the pieces I loved that fit within our new home. But I love the way it all beautifully came together.

The feature wall is absolutely beautiful. How was working with Anewall?

The gals at Anewall are all so amazing and sweet. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally share the ‘Luna Mural’ that we worked so hard on together to create. After very few drafts and phone calls, they totally nailed it. The mural feels perfectly whimsical and free-spirited and totally emulates the feelings we have for our daughter.

What’s your favorite part about the nursery?

I love walking into her nursery and seeing her namesake mural spread above where she lays her head at night. What a cool feeling to have something so special named after our daughter. And as she grows, I know she will look at it and feel so loved.

Metal Wall Sculptures – Hayneedle // Hoop Mirror – Anthropologie // Birch Tree – Wayfair // Changing Table – RH Baby & Child // Changing Pad Cover – Pottery Barn Kids // Leather Change Mat – Gathre // Jewelry Box – Pottery Barn Kids

Chandelier – World Market

What’s been the most challenging part of motherhood so far?

I think the most challenging part of motherhood so far for me has been the uncertainty. Uncertainty about the kind of job I am doing at being a mom, uncertainty about the parenting choices we make. There is so much that we worry about already. Is she getting enough milk? Did she get enough tummy time today? Are her milestones on track? Does her stomach feel OK? Should I not have eaten this or that? Should I reintroduce this or that into my diet so she doesn’t develop an intolerance? It’s just so easy to second-guess yourself. But at the end of the day, all she needs is love. And love she has. It is because of love that I do worry and endure the choppy seas of uncertainty.

The most surprising?

The most surprising thing to me is honestly how naturally motherhood has come to me. I never really grew up around a lot of kids. I was the youngest child in my family. I had no younger siblings and no younger cousins. I grew up in a small town where most of my neighbors weren’t there because they were all vacation homes for them. I never babysat, and when my nieces and nephews were all born, I’d always been living in a different state. So Luna was my very first diaper change and my very first swaddle. But your motherhood instincts just somehow kick in and your love for them takes over and makes it feel so much easier than I anticipated.

Your favorite part (so far, of course)?

My favorite part so far is that I get to be HER mom. That I can see the way she loves me, needs me, looks for me and calms when I pick her up. That I can feel the all-enveloping love when we have 3 a.m. staring contests. I also love the way it has brought my husband and I even closer, if that was even possible. He is the father of my child, and the best one I’ve ever seen at that.

‘Luna’ Mural Wallpaper – Anewall Décor // ‘To the Moon and Back’ Sign – Sugarboo & Co. // Floor Lamp – Serena & Lily // Fiddle Leaf Tree – Pottery Barn // Rug – Anthropologie // Mid-Century Planter – West Elm // Canvas Bins – Pehr Designs // Crib – RH Baby & Child // Dotted Crib Sheet – Pehr Designs // Stripe Crib Skirt – Pottery Barn Kids // Lamb Quilt – Pehr Designs // Crib Pillow – Pehr Designs //  Baby Books – Nordstrom // Moon Toy Pram – The Modern Nursery // Ballerina Doll – The Modern Nursery // Gray Car – RH Baby & Child

What does a typical day look like for you?

Whether you’re a ‘schedule person’ or not, I feel like when you have a baby you’re kind of put on one anyway when you have to feed them every three hours. So somehow, my days have become quite regimented. Luna usually wakes up at 8 a.m. and I feed her in bed while we snuggle. She’s usually most alert in the mornings, so we love to do some tummy time afterwards or go for a morning hike together. I will usually then “wear her” while I make coffee and breakfast and do a few things around the house (usually lots of loads of laundry).

Then I will put her down and try to quickly squeeze in a shower before I have to feed her again at 11 a.m. Then I am usually out the door to run a few errands and grab lunch around noon (I love getting out of the house at least once a day—it helps me feel like a normal person and gives me a reason to get dressed). If I am out for a long time, I will feed her on the go, or I will come home and do it around 2 p.m. Then I like to swaddle her and let her nap in her crib while I try to get some work done. I’ll feed the dogs, start dinner prep and then wake her around 5 p.m. for her next feeding. Then we usually snuggle on the couch, read a book and have little “conversations” about our day until Daddy comes home and he steals her from me (we usually fight over who gets to hold her, but I usually lose because I got to be with her all day).

It honestly all seems very routine, but every day brings something new and I wake up with the biggest smile, despite the exhaustion, just to see her sweet little face.

Has your beauty routine changed since Luna? What are your go-to products?

I definitely am very mindful of what I put on my skin (and in my body) to ensure it’s not harming her while I breastfeed. And while I would love to be able to start using vitamin A products to help combat the pregnancy melasma that creeped up on me thanks to all the IVF and pregnancy hormones, for now I just try to make sure my skin is nice and hydrated.

I absolutely love my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (I wrote about it here) followed by La Mer Renewal Oil (and yes, it really is worth the money). For moisturizer, right now I am using Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream and Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm for my eyes. For SPF, which is a daily must, I have always loved SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50—it goes on so smoothly and isn’t greasy under my makeup.

What are your favorite baby products for Luna?

I love using Noodle & Boo shampoo and body wash because it smells so yummy. For lotion, I actually really love using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream because it’s fragrance-free and actually helps fight her dry skin patches. For jammies, I am obsessed with Kickee Pants, Clover or Sweet Bamboo because they are so soft and stretchy (and the zippered ones are so easy to get on and off for quick, nighttime diaper changes). Her favorite book is ‘Look, Look’ by Peter Linenthal—her eyes light up looking at all the contrasting images. And she loves falling asleep in her UppaBaby Mesa car seat when we run our errands, whether I want her to or not (and it’s such a great, safe car seat).

We know Luna is going to be a very well-dressed girl! What are your favorite baby stores/brands?

I went a little crazy before she was born and bought so many cute little outfits. It’s too fun not to shop for kids. I spent hours and hours combing through Instagram to find my favorite brands. I am a huge fan of Zara and H&M for babies because they are cute and more affordable. If I am looking for something more special, I love Jamie Kay, Lil’ Lemons, James Vincent Design Co. and Rylee + Cru. For accessories, I love Briar Handmade and The Blueberry Hill.

Do you have any advice or thoughts/words for women who are going through similar struggles conceiving?

My best advice is to just keep fighting. I know it can feel so scary and lonely, but I promise that your miracle baby is worth every pinch, every shot, every bruise, every setback, every pound you gain and every tear that falls. You have to just try to stay positive, and instead of dreading it, try to change your outlook and get excited about it. I know, I know, easier said than done. A lot of women don’t have the opportunity to seek fertility help, but IVF is truly a miracle and it works. And every shot in your tummy or rear just brings you that much closer to holding your little baby in your arms. If you want to read up more on our fertility journey, I wrote about it here, here, here and here, and detailed both the egg retrieval process and the frozen embryo transfer process. Also, my husband detailed his experience through the man’s perspective.

I wish you all the best of luck if you are struggling to start or continue your family. I hope that my words can help you in some small way. And I thank you so much for reading and following along on our journey to parenthood.

You can follow along on my Instagram if you wish to watch Luna and our family grow.

Sheep Rocker – RH Baby & Child

Luna’s Corduroy Dress – James Vincent Design Co.
Luna’s Onesie – H&M
Luna’s Headband – Billy Bibs
‘Luna’ Mural Wallpaper – Anewall Décor
To the Moon and Back’ Sign – Sugarboo & Co.
Floor Lamp – Serena & Lily
Fiddle Leaf Tree – Pottery Barn
Rug – Anthropologie
Mid-Century Planter – West Elm
Canvas Bins – Pehr Designs
Crib – RH Baby & Child
Dotted Crib Sheet – Pehr Designs
Stripe Crib Skirt – Pottery Barn Kids
Lamb Quilt – Pehr Designs
Crib Pillow – Pehr Designs
Baby Books – Nordstrom
Moon Toy Pram – The Modern Nursery
Ballerina Doll – The Modern Nursery
Metal Wall Sculptures – Hayneedle
Hoop Mirror – Anthropologie
Chandelier – World Market
Birch Tree – Wayfair
Changing Table – RH Baby & Child
Changing Pad Cover – Pottery Barn Kids
Leather Change Mat – Gathre
Jewelry Box – Pottery Barn Kids
Leather Bookend Animal – Serena & Lily
Gray Car – RH Baby & Child
Jimi Hendrix Books – Sugarboo & Co.
Glider Chair – RH Baby & Child
Ottoman – RH Baby & Child
Gray and White Pillow – Serena & Lily
Birch Side Table – RH Baby & Child
Sheep Rocker – RH Baby & Child


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