10 Ways To Start The New Year Clean And Organized

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10 Ways To Start The New Year Clean And Organized

2018 has officially begun, and lots of people have made resolutions to work on their body or job or bank account in the new year. But what about your home? Winter is the perfect time to stay in and organize your household world, from cleaning the kitchen to cleaning out the closet. It can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have lived in one place for a long time, but there are actually some pretty simple steps you can take to add some extra sparkle and shine into your life. Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here today with 10 easy ways to clean and organize for the new year ahead.

1. Get Yourself A Planner.

This seems like an obvious tip, but with so much done online these days, lots of people don’t end up getting a physical, paper planner. Writing down your to-dos, chores and appointments helps you remember them better. Plus, there is nothing like the satisfaction of crossing something off your list. I personally am using this one from Erin Condren.

2. Get Back That Sparkle.

For those who got engaged over the holidays (or just love a little bling), start your year off with sparkling jewelry. You can leave your rings soaking in hydrogen peroxide to clean them and restore shine.

3. Kitchen Upkeep.

If your jewelry sparkles, so should your kitchen! Everyone knows how to run a dishwasher, but for those more delicate pieces like Champagne flutes or kitchen tools, you need a drying rack. So, get a pretty one! This one is stacked for more space, and the design will add an extra touch to your kitchen.

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4. Remove Odors.

Have a pet? Easily deodorize your couch by sprinkling baking soda all over it and then vacuuming. It won’t just mask the odors, it will actually remove them.

5. Storage.

Then, while you’re in the living room, take a look at your storage. Do you have blankets and magazines and nicknacks all over? Get them off the floor and onto a sleek shelf. Use organization boxes (you can get them pretty much anywhere, including Target and The Container Store) and stack them on this bamboo shelving system! It’s inexpensive, but doesn’t look it, and it also has a lower shelf perfect for shoes and boots!

Check out sites like The Home Edit and Neat Method for more tips and ideas.

6. Digital Dust.

Do you know how much dust and grim collects on your digital screens? Sure, we dust and vacuum the floor, but what about your TV? Dust your TV screen with a coffee filter, and you’ll be surprised how much yuck comes off. You can also use coffee filters for computers and tablets.

7. Venting.

Another place dirt collects is in your air vents. Detach all your floor and ceiling air vents, and run them through the dishwasher. This is an especially important move in the winter when we are blasting heat through those same vents all season long. Just make sure not to run the heated dry cycle if any of the vents are plastic.

8. Organize.

Once all the major cleaning is done, add some pizzazz to your organization skills. Jewelry and makeup easily pile up and spill over in your bathroom and bedroom, so keep them in line. First, clean out anything you haven’t used in 6 months, or is broken or almost gone. Then put everything in one place with this easy organizer. It’s on sale now, too!

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9. Hang Up Your Greenery.

Next, change up your wall hangings! Do you have plants clustered on your window sill or bedside table? We can all benefit from a little dose of greenery in our lives, but you shouldn’t have to deal with dirt and fallen leaves all over your home’s surfaces either. Instead, hang them on your wall!

10. Décor Declutter.

Once you’ve hung up those cool succulent decorations, tackle the rest of your home décor! Do you have a painting you’ve never hung up? A side table that’s been sitting in the basement or your garage since you moved in? What about those 38 throw pillows stuffed in your under-bed container? Cut them loose! Thanks to apps like Letgo and the classic Craigslist, there is a market for almost every household item. Or, donate them to a local thrift shop or Goodwill store.

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