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Get 156 hours of premium coding instruction in everything from Python to Ruby.

As the tech boom continues, there are more jobs out in the market than ever before — and thanks to demand, getting easy access to top-level training is easier than ever. With this Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, you can learn ten different coding languages and prep yourself for the career of your dreams. 

This bundle covers 156 hours of training in the hottest programming languages that should be in any developer’s toolkit, including Ruby, Python, Java, Rails, JavaScript, and more. Whether you’re learning to speed up your programmatic workflows with Google Go, learning a highly scalable, all-purpose language with Scala, or using Git to manage code efficiently, this bundle will teach you everything a programmer worth his or her salt needs to know. 

Here’s how the bundle works: name any price, and you’ll unlock the JavaScript course — beat the average price, and you’ll get all ten courses. 

Get the instruction you need to change your career before the new year starts: get the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle for significantly less than their $1,573 value. 

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